About Us

Neurothink.io, just as our bodies are made up a network of nerves and neurons feeding input from our senses, resulting in output (reactions); cognitive computing today captures data from a host sources (such as the Internet of Things) allowing us to garner greater meaningful thought.

Our blog strives to create awareness in the ever changing world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the mainstream media we are constantly bombarded by the changing world of technology, some good and some not so great news. It is often difficult to weed through all of the noise or complexities regarding these topics. Some of us are concerned about things like job security because of automation, while others are excited by how new technologies and cognitive computing will help make a better world for all of us.

Our goal here at neurothink.io is to bring you relevant topics on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We hope that after reading our articles you will gain greater insight and clarity.

Thank you for reading and we always look forward to hearing your thoughts on our articles.

Brian Rogers, Editor